Avenger's Marathon

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Is it still considered a marathon if you don't watch it all in one sitting? Probably not... but I did watch all three movies in a week span. Jonny (my beloved bf who's very obsessed with Marvel) had finals week the week Avenger's Infinity War came out so in adorable fashion we decided to wait until much later to watch Avengers Infinity War in theaters together. Jonny and I are currently in an LDR. Sadly as, I was behind on watching Thor and Black Panther. We watched Thor and Black Panther in 3 days and today I saw Infinity War.

I really liked Thor, it was humourous and I was incredibly happy to see Thor's story line redeemed. Chris Hemsworth was made to play a god of thunder. But sadly it does not make my top three Marvel movies. But Black Panther, triggered a strong emotional response and I can honestly say that it's my favorite Marvel film. The depth of that movie brought me to tears at the end. Emotional tears that made it difficult for me to speak about how I felt for the first hour after finishing the movie.

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Holy smokes Avenger's Infinity War was amazing! I got tingles when Thor showed up on the battlefield. And the ending, as everyone has spoken about a million times left me in awe. I'm excited to see what the Marvel Universe brings next.

Anti Blogging Reasons

Reason 1: I'm too scared. Blogging is scary! I don't even want to tell you when I started looking into starting my own blog, from picking out the right template to little things like how small or large I want my font to be. There was so many details to think about. I've tried to blog since 2010, only ran one blog and a year into my own insecurities I took it down.

Reason 2: I don't know what kind blogger I want to be. I guess being a book blogger means I don't have to be super personal but I catch myself either saying too much about my life or not wanting to. Do people care? Do I care if people care? Yes.. kind of.. well this is a balance I will learn. I tend to be pretty open, but vague on the details.

Reason 3: I can't code. This is incredibly useless of me. I can learn nearly anything in life yet I struggle in this area. Of course starting a blog doesn't take too much talent but to make it look the way you want it to, that's hard with only small coding skills.

Reason 4: I'm busy with other life demands: work, school, personal relationships, and other hobbies. Blogging just kind of made it's way to the back burner. I also always justified not blogging despite always wanting to by telling myself it's because I had other USEFUL skills to work on. More PRODUCTIVE things I could be doing.

Reason 5: I keep finding more reason's not to do it.

Just Blog.