Anti Blogging Reasons

Reason 1: I'm too scared. Blogging is scary! I don't even want to tell you when I started looking into starting my own blog, from picking out the right template to little things like how small or large I want my font to be. There was so many details to think about. I've tried to blog since 2010, only ran one blog and a year into my own insecurities I took it down.

Reason 2: I don't know what kind blogger I want to be. I guess being a book blogger means I don't have to be super personal but I catch myself either saying too much about my life or not wanting to. Do people care? Do I care if people care? Yes.. kind of.. well this is a balance I will learn. I tend to be pretty open, but vague on the details.

Reason 3: I can't code. This is incredibly useless of me. I can learn nearly anything in life yet I struggle in this area. Of course starting a blog doesn't take too much talent but to make it look the way you want it to, that's hard with only small coding skills.

Reason 4: I'm busy with other life demands: work, school, personal relationships, and other hobbies. Blogging just kind of made it's way to the back burner. I also always justified not blogging despite always wanting to by telling myself it's because I had other USEFUL skills to work on. More PRODUCTIVE things I could be doing.

Reason 5: I keep finding more reason's not to do it.

Just Blog.